First, you might want to know what card layouts are. The easiest way to explain is that it’s a kind of map of what your card will look like.

For many stampers, it’s where they start with making their card – even if they’re copying a card they’ve seen before.

What’s great about layouts is that with a blank map, your card can look totally different than anyone else’s version of it because you use the colors and supplies that you have on hand.

For example, here’s a card that Ann’s upline sent her this week. (An upline is the person you joined under with Stampin’ Up! In Ann’s case, her upline’s name is Denise.)

Card Layouts
Card Layouts

Denise used the Create with Friends stamp set which is a must have stamp set that our friend Jennifer helped Stampin’ Up! design.

This is a simplified view of what an inspirational layout could look like.

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