Stampin’ Up! is a great company with wonderful products. (You can pick up a shopping code and shop for them here.)

We’re listing a few crafty things that Stampin’ Up! doesn’t carry. Just scroll down to see:

We appreciate your using our links so you can be sure to get things that we’ve tested and used ourselves. Yes, we receive a small percentage from Amazon but it doesn’t cost you a penny more. Every little bit helps!

Please let us know if there’s something you would find useful for us to test and share.

Adhesive Stuff

Apply Fine Tombow Liquid Glue

Tombow Glue Holder

Erase any glue overflow

Better than Washi Tape
Use small pieces over & over
to hold down your dies

This tape is great for holding down your Water Color Paper around the edges to combat warping.


I use these for cutting sticky things so I don’t mess up my Paper Snips.

Perfect for cutting up to 10 sheets of card stock. I don’t replace the blades as often as I replace the cutting mats. I had one of these for 15 years and just replaced it with the same model in June 2020.

I replace these more than I replace the blades. You can turn them 3 times before disposing of them. That means four sides to wear out.

I’ve had a version of this for a couple years. Cuts through the box & tape, but not you. This version has a locking blade which is easier to grip. They won’t ship the unlocking version to where I live, but it’s the same brand and concept.

These are the replacement blades for the Carl Cutter above.


Get rid of the stray bits
by using before you stamp

1 for messy stuff, 1 for heat embossing
& a spare when you need it

Writing and Erasing

Don’t know what to write on the inside of your cards? This book has helped me immensely. I keep the Kindle on my phone so I’ll always know where it is, but the Hard Cover or Paperback would make a nice gift.




Things don’t always go right. Sometimes you have to remove the evidence.

Write inside your cards.
Erase if you need to.
Just don’t use them to write checks.
See how we used them here.

Sand Eraser to remove ink and pen

Use these with your Stamparatus
to save your hands.

I like these .7mm tips better than the Ultra Fine shown on the previous row. Just don’t use them on checks or legal documents!

White Gel Pens

Love them or hate them, these were the highest rated. I’ve used this brand. Do you have one you like better?

Magnets & Magnetics

These 5″x 7″magnetic sheets are perfect to holder your dies inside your stamp cases or onto another surface. They’re strong enough to hold, yet easy to remove.

Pack of 12

Pack of 25

Pack of 50

Pack of 100 – Back in stock

When you’re looking for a quick place to throw your dies until you’re creative time is over, try this 6″ magnetic tray near your work area. (It will stick to a metal surface or sit on your non-metal table.)

I have two of this size that are not this brand. I attach one to the side of my rolling cart between my stamp tables and one next to my die cutting area. Marci has this brand and says it works great.

Ever drop a die under a table or into a hard to reach area? Keep this nearby and forget about moving the furniture. Telescopes to 30″ and will pick up items way heavier than a die. (2 pack available so that you can keep one in the garage.)


This shelf has reduced so much clutter on my table.

Organize Your Time with a Pomodoro Timer: Keep yourself focused and on track with this easy to use timer. Available in 60 and 30 in different colors from the same link. HINT: I bought the 60 minute timer in white and then later bought the 30 minute in blue because the time segments fit me better. Still glad I have both and I can still use them in different places and situations.

Really Useful Box 2.1 Liter

Holds my cardboard mounted embellishments. Couldn’t find one the right size on Amazon. This link will take you to Staples. They were less than $6 when I purchased them.

I cut my DSP cardboard into 4″ x 6″ pieces to separate them.

These bags are great to carry the small stuff around or for general traveling.

I’m trying this to store my stamps so I can have them close to where I stamp at the desk.

2 of these should take less room to store my scraps.

Everything Else

This little ladybug is so cute & great to vacuum all the little bits on your stamping area or kitchen counter.

Fun Little Vacuum

They have other characters too like Spiderman or a little green bug.

I have 2 of these. A white one over my cutting area & a black one over my stamping area.
Warm or cool light & they dim.

Design your own checkbook cover! This is similar to the one that Ann shared in this live stream.

Make a wobble card!
For some reason they won’t ship these to my California address. Maybe they’ll send them to you.