Welcome to the Stamping Party!

We’d Love to Have You in Our Community!

Are you a beginning stamper?
Or have you loved paper crafting for a long time?

Can’t get enough?

We welcome all types of stampers
from those to want a discount on their regular purchases

to those who have different goals in mind!

And everything in between!

Just beginning? It’s a great time to start!

Intermediate or advanced? What are you waiting for!?!

When you join Stampin’ Up! in May 2024, you’ll not only get your choice of up to $125 in products, you’ll get all these extra items added to your Starter Kit!

  • All 5 New IN Color Ink Pads ($40.50 value)
  • All 5 New InColor Markers ($17.50 value)
  • Assorted Pack of IN Color Cardstock ($11.50 value)
  • IN Color Designer Series Paper Pack ($12.50 Value

It’s Only for the Month of May!

You’ll get free shipping too! You just pay $99+ your local tax.

Start your wish list now so you’ll be good to go right when it starts for best selection.

You can scroll down to get all the details or just use this button to jump right in!

April 2019 OnStage, Salt Lake City
with Moana
  • Have your Wish List ready with what you’d like (normally up to $125)
  • Don’t know where to start? Start with things we all need: stamps, ink & paper..a trimmer and adhesive!
  • Have your Social Security number & credit or debit card ready.
  • Get your Demonstrator number instantly & be ready to go!

Psst! Don’t have a die cutting machine? Why not try our new Cut & Emboss Machine or our Mini Cut & Emboss Machine!

What More Could a Stamper Ask For?

Ann is ready to help you with your own stamping dreams with quick communications and over 23 years of knowledge as a demonstrator. She started in February 1999 with a goal of doing one party/workshop a month.

She enjoyed it so much that she changed her goal to 3 parties a month in her off time while she worked during the day. But her Stampin’ Up! life went into the fast lane when she when she got the opportunity to focus on becoming a career-level demonstrator in 2004. Dedication and service (and hard work) helped her achieve positions in the top 5 and the top 10 in the United States.

In 2009-10, she served on the Stampin’ Up! Advisory Board.

She never saw any of that coming.

You can participate as little or as much as you wish, but by all means try it to see if you like it! You never know where it will take you.

As part of our community, you’ll not only have access to tens of thousands of samples to inspire you in the Stampin’ Connection, but an exclusive Stampin’ Up! magazine in your mail box every other month.  Then there are all the exclusive options that we offer just for our 24/7 Stampers community:

  • Exclusive blog/website
  • Private Facebook group
  • Online group gatherings
  • Optional individualized help from Ann

Oh yes! Details!

And you’ll get at least 20-25% off on all your orders as long as you’re a demonstrator! You can make up to 40% commission based on your efforts!

Jump in as quick as a Jack Russell or ease into it. You can go at your own pace, knowing that your first $300 sales requirement isn’t due until September 30, 2024. (90 days minimum if we haven’t updated that date.) And while the retail sales requirement is $300, you’ll probably pay less than that even after tax and shipping. (providing your sales tax is under 9%)

You may find – as many do – that it is a LOT easier than you might think to earn extra income while doing what you love!

Pick what you want for your fully customized Starter Kit!  You can pick whatever you’d like to start your business up to $125 plus tax & get free shipping as well! 

Get your things together and start your process . You’ll can pick items from any current Stampin’ Up! catalog and even some things not yet available to the public!  (Just ask Ann.)

  • Pick things that you like from any current catalog or in our online store, but don’t stress over it.
  • Picking your items in advance will make the process easier & faster.
  • Picking things you love means more than using every dollar of the offer.
  • Have your Social Security number and credit/debit card ready.
  • Call or text Ann immediately if you have any issues at (530) 761-5090
  • Within minutes, Stampin’ Up! will provide you with your demonstrator ID and password to access the demonstrator only side of Stampin’ Up! They will send the information you need to the email address you provided.
  • They will also contact Ann and advise her that we’ve got a new member of the 24/7 Stampers!
  • While you’re waiting for your kit to arrive by the big brown truck, you will start to receive emails to help you get comfortable with the site and have some ideas to get started right away or file for later when you need them.

Have questions? Just ask! If, by some chance, the links above do not connect you on this first fun day of opportunity, please give Ann a call or text at 530-761-5090 or drop us a line. She has a 6th sense on how to make things happen.