We know that you’re probably running around getting those last minute things together for tomorrow. Please take a moment to breathe!

Where are You Dining?

Happy Thanksgiving

We hope that you have plans with family and friends.

Do you have room for an extra person or two at your table?

There’s no reason for anyone to be alone on this holiday that we dedicate to being grateful.

Don’t wait to be invited. Invite someone you know who has no family around. Perhaps someone recently widowed. Have military in your town? It’s not too late to add one of our service men or women.

Or maybe someone you know who doesn’t have family nearby.

Did you know that our family fits that category. Ann and my favorite huMAN have lived here a long time and have been grateful to friends and neighbors who have added them to their table.

Are You Travelling?

Good luck! Travelling on a holiday is something that Ann and my favorite huMAN don’t often do. It’s just so crowded and emotions can run high.

But if you find yourself in that situation, pack your patience! You’ll need it!

After Domino’s travel experience with Ann, he’s got a real appreciation for staying at home.

Are You Shopping?

Remember that we’re giving away free spots to our Mystery Card Party on December 9th to those of you who spend $50+ this week. And at that party, we’re giving away at least $150 of product.

We do it as a Zoom event so it doesn’t matter where you live to be part of the fun. It’s not a card contest. It’s just plenty of fun! And this is our 12th one this year!

Mystery Card Party

Oh yes! You’ll want to be there! And those of you in our virtual stamp club, Pup Club, or are a Master Stamper member will get in free!

You can shop here or go ahead and buy your spot. It’s a real fun bunch of stampers.

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