Are you short on time getting ready for the holiday season? Grab a card making kit to save time.

Ever tried one?

This year is going to be a very different holiday season than any other we’ve experienced before. Let’s be ready for it!

We probably won’t be making plates of cookies for the neighbors so it’s the perfect time to send them a Christmas card instead.

And that would make this the perfect time for you to sample our Paper Pumpkin card making kits to help you get started.

Here’s a quick video sneak peek at what they’re putting into their November offering. (It mails out on or after November 11th.)

Now, I know that they’re not showing everything about the kit, but that’s part of the beauty of it. A little box of wonderful shows up in your mailbox between the 20th and 25th of the month. Could even be a little earlier.

There will be written instructions in the box as well as a stamp set, some ink, envelopes, card bases and dies to decorate your cards.

And you don’t have to follow the directions! You can do what they suggest or make it your way or do a little of both.

We like to make the first one as suggested. After that, we feel more comfortable switching things up and adding this dog’s artistic expression to it.

Are You a Visual Learner?

Many humans are! This dog is too!

That’s okay! They’ll post a video to help you after all the kits are in the mail.

Here’s the video they posted to help people with their October boxes. 8 cards with envelopes! What a great way to get started!

Aren’t those awesome?

If you’ve never subscribed to Paper Pumpkin before, they’ll include an acrylic block to use with your stamp sets that you’ll receive in every Paper Pumpkin box.

Try it here for a month and see how you like it! We’ll even send you a handmade reusable card just because you’re subscribing?

Every now and then, they’ll send kits that make 3-D items – usually gift packaging. Those are fun too.

And as a subscriber, you can purchase previous kits – something that isn’t available to the general public. Join today so you can catch the November kit!

We’ve also got other card making kits available here that should be considered.

Don’t Need a Card Making Kit?

Of course, if you want to do it all yourself, you can check out over 450 Christmas card ideas here that we’ve shared over the years.

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