We’ve got a winner for our Crystal Ball Contest!  Did you play?

I think you’re going to wish you had!  Our winner is getting a $30 gift certificate to spend on whatever she wants!

Prize Winner

I’m announcing our top 3 players, but only the one with the most correct answers gets the $25 gift certificate from me and Ann.  And since she’s an active client, we’re throwing in an extra $5 so she’ll win $30 to spend either on things she hasn’t gotten from the retirement list or from the new catalog.

What were the most popular correct answers?  Would you have put these on your list?

  • Homemade for You – pg 20
  • Build a Birthday – pg 25
  • Barnyard Babies – pg 62
  • Gift from the Garden – pg 82
  • Sunburst Sayings – pg 99

So let’s put our paws up and celebrate Kathy B. for having 7 right answers.

And let’s celebrate Geri in Alaska for having 8 right answers plus the Tie Breaker.

Ann’s been knowing our winner for longer than I’ve been alive.  We lifted a recent picture of Gail from one of her Facebook posts when she went out to lunch with a few family members.  Gail loves to throw the ball when she comes to visit and always treats me like the royalty I am.

Gail Kunsman

Gail got 9 guesses right AND the Tie Breaker!

Ann noticed something unique about Gail’s list of guesses that she’s only seen on entries where they got them all right.  Her first 9 guesses were right.  Her last 3 weren’t.

It made us wonder if she was guessing in the groove for the first nine and then took a break before picking the last three.

In any case, we can’t wait to see what she picks out!

2018 Catalog CoverNew Catalogs

We’re so thankful for all of you!  We wish we could mail each one of you a catalog when we send them out in May.  We’ll happily pay for the catalog and all the nice things we put inside the package.  (New IN Color Samples, a bookmark and other surprises.)

We don’t want to ask you for the postage yet, but we will be sharing that offer soon.

Free Catalogs

Yes, some of you will be receiving free catalogs with free postage:

  • Pup Club Members
  • Local Stamp Club Members
  • Master Stampers who shop with us.

And yes, there are a few of you frequent shoppers who will also be receiving a totally free catalog.  We’ll be contacting you soon so you can be looking for your package.

We love you all, but we have to stay within our budget.

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