Friends, did you know that I’ve been sharing my barked posts for almost 16 years? I was born September 2, 2005 and Ann started typing for me around March 12, 2006.

She usually types my pup-o-graphic messages fairly accurately. It’s important that she types this one right.

I’ve had a lot to share over the years, but not always this personal, but today’s bark comes straight to the heart.

Here’s a picture of me in mid August. If you look really closely, you might notice that my sight isn’t quite 100%, but my hearing’s worse. I only hear high pitched noise at this point, but I don’t usually know where it’s coming from. Ann thought I was picking up weight. Seems I was a little bloated due to a mass near my heart. By the time they found it September 23rd, it was over 2″ long.

I was getting around pretty well. I must admit, people think I live a pretty good life. Ann’s a pretty good human to have. My favorite huMAN is pretty good to me too because he’ll do anything for me that Ann says.

Somewhat Little Known Facts About Me

  • I have a car seat with a special dog seat belt so I can look out the window.
  • When I was young, Ann took me to San Francisco to a professional pet photographer, Mark Rogers who still sends us Christmas cards and took that picture on the left
  • I have over a million views on YouTube and appear in all of the early ones in the first few years of our channel.
  • I have 4 beds! I’ll only sit on carpet and prefer to lay in a bed. One in the living room by the fireplace and one in each bedroom.
  • Ann had me neutered when she & my favorite huMAN went on their first Stampin’ Up! trip. the nerve! But I had a staff during my recuperation.
  • I once nipped one of Ann’s dearest friends (& Ann too a long time ago)
  • As a puppy, I once pulled a string in the old carpet which left a 3″x 6″ hole when I was left alone for 45 minutes while they went to vote.
  • Whenever she would board me, I was the smallest dog in my own personal big dog run so I could have some room to exercise.

Yesterday’s Last Walk

The mass near my heart seems to be growing rather quickly. And Saturday night after our online stamp camp, my health made a quick turn for the worse.

Ann’s trying to get me an appointment today for my exit interview with the vet. I understand that there’s a trip across a Rainbow Bridge to book. It really seems a good opportunity to meet Ann’s first dog, Johnny Walker.

But with the way things are going, Ann thought she should take me on one last short last walk. We thought you might want to see some of the pictures. You can click on any one of them if you want to see them larger.

Don’t Be Sad, My Friend

There has been a lot of tears around here, but you shouldn’t be sad. I’ve been working like a dog around here for almost 16 years!

And I’m not retiring!

I’ll still be sending her pup-o-graphic messages from this new spot. I don’t think I should leave her totally to her own devices.

And I hope that you keep loving on Ann like you’ve been loving on me.

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