Ann ran into her friend Jill at the Stampin' Up! convention.  In fact, they sat together at Awards Night.  Jill traded some cards that were trimmed down so that we could mount them on colored card stock when Ann got home.  (You can see a picture of SOME of the loot she brought home from the convention on MY Facebook page.

So we mounted it & added a little bloing on the butterfly.  Isn't this one loverly?  It's enough to make me bark out loud!  It uses the new Creative Elements stamp set on page 137 of the Stampin' Up! catalog.

Jill You know, Ann has met hundreds of stampers that she wouldn't have met otherwise over the past several years.  In fact, she wouldn't have met me if it hadn't been for Stampin' UP!

Why is that?

Because my coming here all started when she delivered a Stampin' UP! order to Deni.  They started talking about Deni's dog & Ann mentioned that she wanted to get a Jack Russell Terrier.  Deni told her that their friend Bonae was getting a Jack Russell & the rest is history!  Bonae has my sister who was brought down here from Oregon by Bonae's husband almost 6 years ago.

Just think of how boring Ann's life would be without me in it!  And just think how empty it would be without YOU in it!  And it all started iwth a conversation over a bag of Stampin' Up! stamps & inks.

When Ann started, she only knew two people that stamped.  And now, you're all like family! 

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There's more, but then there wouldn't be any nice surprise for you when you do join!

All I know is that Ann always says she would've liked to have started sooner.  I hope that you won't make that same mistake.

It's a grrrrreat time to be the blog dog of a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator.

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