Dear Stamper:

Everyone is asking about you!  Even the Stampin' Up! employees!  My roomie, Bobbie & I drove out to the Riverton Headquarters & checked out the site.  It was as beautiful as it ever was.  It still looks brand new!

Rivertson Atrium
Bobbie's a great roommate.  I don't even have to open the door to let her out in the morning.  Still, she's not you, Stamper.

This is us in the atrium at the Riverton complex.  It's right outside where they pack the boxes that the man in brown delivers to us & to our clients.

As you can see, it was open for demonstrators only today.  I'll see if I can get you a pass soon, Stamper.

They work pretty hard & can ship over 140,000 items in a day.  The picture below shows where the orders start – with the empty boxes lining up to be filled.  At this point, they already know what's going in them.


Up top, they have the Legacy Room that has lots of things on display including these cupcakes & sweets.  But don't drool too hard!  They're made of paper!


We started to end our day getting together with some of our other 24/7 Stampers for dinner at the Red Rock Brewery.  Even though you know I don't drink beer, Stamper, they have lots of good food & service.  I'm sorry that I won't be able to bring you a doggy bag. 

There's Bobbie & me on the left.  Then Reann from Roswell, NM, Nellyne from Denton, TX, Carol from Susanville, CA & Kathy & Peggy from Roswell, NM.  They really liked the appetizers that you sent to the table.  We left here to go to the big Stampin' Up! party.

And thank you to all our stampin' friends for their good wishes.  Convention formally kicks off today.

Greetings to you & all your blog readers!