Oh what to make for a 7th birthday card! Yes, a birthday card for a 7 year old must be very special – especially when it’s a special 7 year old.

Ann said that the birthday party had a llama theme. We have no llama stamps, however, we do have chickens!

Count them!

7th Birthday Card
7th Birthday Card

We decided on a blended group of chicks. All colors and patterns. And, of course, the 7th chick is the most unique and gets to eat the cupcake.

We put together some colors we hadn’t used before – or at least in a while:

  • Poppy Parade
  • Bermuda Bay

Of course, that was just for the non-animated parts of this 7th Birthday card. We’ve put a complete list of colors and card making supplies below.

7th Birthday Card
7th Birthday Card

When you don’t know what to give, a gift card can be a good solution – even for a 7 year old. Who doesn’t like to buy exactly what they want?

And one of the best things about card making is that you can make the card coordinate with the gift card!

7th Birthday Card
7th Birthday Card

You didn’t think that we came up with that Bermuda Bay and Poppy Parade combo on our own, did you? (The gift card is more Coastal Cabana and Poppy Parade, but we weren’t going there.)

If you’d like to celebrate Ann’s birthday with us and take a nice present home after you make a card together and play some games, register today for our Birthday Mystery Card Party.

We’ll be doing it this time on Facebook and comparing it to our Zoom celebration last month. So that when we repeat the event in a few months, we’ll decide what venue you like best.

It’s one fun stamping event! You’ll make a card with Ann and then play some games until everyone wins a prize – and then we’ll play a little more!

Registration ends soon because we want to be ready for Saturday. Do it today!

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