Oh, how great to get a Valentine card from my gal pal, Doodles. She always has her human make great cards for me.

Do you think she might be in love with me? I’m almost sure of it.

Valentine Card

The whole card front made out of foil paper on a card base made of Thick Whisper White.

Didn’t she do a grrreat job? Her human sure does pay attention to Doodles’ designs. I just wish that we could gt a better picture of it.

You know, Doodles and her mom are Master Stamper members. Her human has been making cards for years, so we’re glad that she’s honing her skills as a member as well as sharing her design ideas with other members.

Kathy is another Master Stamper member and we just posted our 290th project. At least that’s the 290th of the ones we count. And they come with video and written instructions!

You know what Kathy just told us that made Ann’s heart go pitter patter?

“I have a ball watching you. You’re as entertaining as you are instructional. I’m sure many of the participants learn quite easily during your sessions because you make everything so enjoyable.”

Kathy D., Master Stamper member

We’d love to have you join us too!

You can try Master Stamper here and have immediate access to over 290 projects. We have a private Facebook group you can be a part of if you want to interact with other members.

Valentine Card Supplies

This card could be used for more than just a Valentine card. (We have over 120 Valentine card ideas here.) We shouldn’t have to wait until every February to tell someone how we feel.

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