Today is when we put our paws up to salute our Veterans.  Not only our canine soldiers, but the human ones as well.

Even before I was born, Ann was taking my favorite huMAN to lunch or dinner for Veterans Day.  Did you know that he served 22 years in the Air Force?  Their daughter did a stint in the Army and her husband is currently an officer in the Army.

Ann’s niece’s husband is an officer in the Navy as well.  And there are others in their families who have done some time serving our country.

So to ALL of you who have served, thank you!


I love that picture and thank whoever drew it.

But since we’re a little closer to my favorite huMAN, we’re doing a different kind of thank you card.  And here it is.

Thank You Card

Because today is all about making him feel appreciated.  And who wouldn’t feel appreciated with a card like this?

You can’t see it on the inside, but after we took this picture, we put a white insert.  We used the Thanking You banner from the same Acorny Thank You stamp set and then wrote “for your service”.

I think Ann wrote a bit more in there, but she wouldn’t show me.

So go and thank a Veteran today.  Don’t just go shopping.  And don’t be afraid to be unique in how you thank them!


Just be you!

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Thank you to our Veterans for their sacrifice.