It’s been fun around here.  This is going to be a way more busy than some of the other holiday seasons have been. 

I should have known when they put a tree up.

Ann made this gift to give someone last weekend.  Now she’s making another one.  I wonder if we get to keep this one – or maybe she’ll send it to my human sister. 

Or maybe she just wants to inspire you!  You see, this frame is perfect for the minimalist holiday decorator.  Just switch out the holiday icon.  You won’t believe how easy it is to swap them out!

Ann thought about doing this as a class.  We have three videos done, one in editing and we’re already working on more of the holiday icons to share. 

It’s not just about how to make the items, but where to buy this exact frame that goes so well with the Copper Foil Sheets.  There are little tips to make yours easily – either by following our easy to duplicate video instructions or designing your own unique holiday icons.

We could easily sell this as a class – and you’d be happy.  But instead, we’re offering it as just a part of what we’re offering our Master Stamper members.  This and over 225 other projects.

And you can have access to them all for under $15 a month!  That’s less than 50 cents a day!

You can try it for a month to have access to this project and a few hundred more. Such a deal!  If you like to share your own art, you can join our private Facebook group.

PLUS Master Stampers get exclusive offers that we don’t offer to everyone.  Just barking here.

Just use the link below to get started today.  We’d love to have you!

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What a great handmade craft idea!