If I asked you to wear your Easter Hat to our stamping show today, would you?

Are you as ready for Friday as I am?

  • I had a bath.
  • I got something stuck in my foot.
  • It made me limp.
  • Ann and my favorite huMAN rescued me.
  • I threw up.

And through all that, I kept Ann in line. Well, sort of.

We’re going live today at 1pm. You’ll want to be there. On yesterday’s show, everyone was talking about getting new clothes for Easter as a kid. So Ann mentioned that she’d wear her Easter outfit for today’s show.

Bring Your Easter Hat

So now, we’re hoping that everyone will get in the mood and wear their favorite Easter hat to the show. You don’t have to. We won’t know the difference, but Ann will be wearing her Easter outfit. I’m fairly sure that you’ll wonder how they ever let her be a greeter at church.

Where to Wear Your Easter Hat

When to Show Up

When Ann worked in the real world, she had to work with time zones. But that’s not everyone’s thing. Here’s what time we’ll be on in many popular time zones.

Looking for an Encouraging Card for a Friend?

We think we’ve got the right one here. Ann made it while I slept last night – which is why she may be wearing that Easter hat to hide her dark circles under her eyes and messy hair.

Encouraging Card for a Friend

For some reason, the Terracotta Tile looks a bit pink in this. But it’s not.

Lots of texture on this one!

Can’t wait to see what she’ll make this afternoon! Hope you’ll be there.

Encouraging Card for a Friend

Personally, I think that cactus needs a mask! Oh, wouldn’t that be fun!

We also have over 300 encouraging cards for your friends here.

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