Oh, what fun we had at yesterday’s Stamping Live Stream. I don’t think we’ve ever taken 2 weeks off.

We used our new camera and new set up so it was a pretty new experience for us both.

She even moved my bed!

Here’s a secret!

Imagine this! Everything that you didn’t see in the picture was pretty much trashed. Ann’s moved things around in the room, dusted a bit and changed some wiring.

Somehow things get moved and it’s time to move them back.

Watch the Video & See Our Swaps

These swaps were made by demonstrators throughout California, but the team goes way farther than that. Our 24/7 Stampers are in almost half of the United States. I’m sure that the team that Ann is a part of covers even more states than that.

If you’d like to see more of our live streams, you can see many of them here.

After watching today’s video, you may have questions about becoming a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator on our team that we call the 24/7 Stampers. We answer a lot of those questions here.

We’d love to have you!

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