The red and white candy is in the stores. Stock up early so you can fill these quick and easy heart shaped gift tins.

They are so awesomely fast to fill and you can even bake in them!

Heart Shaped Gift Tins

Now, we could’ve made this fancier, but Ann had to get that gift tin sealed up quickly before she started eating those kisses.

Did you know that Hershey’s makes Lava Cake Kisses now? We would’ve put them in here, but they are all pink printed wrappers. Ann found some at Target.

Ann did try one or two and said the Hershey’s Lava Cake Kisses are awesome!

Heart Shaped Gift Tin Tips

Actually, she didn’t even attach the tag, but I recommend that you do. You could actually add the Heart Doilies and layer it up really nicely. We’ll list some suggestions in our supplies down below.

And the new Real Red 3/8″ Double-Stitched Satin Ribbon would look even better than the Real Red 3/8″ Cotton Ribbon that Ann grabbed quickly. We’ll list both options below.

Adding a little Real Red Rhinestone adds to the bright and shiny feeling of the project.

Add a little Mini Glue Dot under the bow after you’ve tied it so it doesn’t shift when you don’t want it to.

A standard bag of Hershey’s Kisses will fill about 3 tins unless you don’t want to fill the heart shaped gift tin all the way.

Heart Shaped Gift Tins

Heart Shaped Gift Tins Suggested Supplies

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