By now you know I must love Wednesdays!

  • We go live on YouTube and Facebook.
  • You can register for a reminder here.
  • I get away with things while Ann’s on the camera live.

Yes! Those of you who attend our live streams on a regular basis know that I get to lick Ann’s ankles while she’s trying to talk to you.

It’s fun to watch.

Sometimes she can keep her focus, but many times she has to pick me up so that she can gather her thoughts.

Don’t ask me how I know.

Live Stream Stamping

We’re Going Live at 1pm Pawcific Time!

Pick Your Venue

Both of the first two links will take you to the live event on your choice of venues, but the Facebook one works best once we go live or for the replay. (It doesn’t take you directly to the live event if you come early.

That’s why it’s best to register for a reminder.

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