My gal pal Doodles sent me a Halloween card!

Some dogs like Doodles and I have special artistic talents and the ability to inspire our owners to make fantastic handmade cards.

I don’t know how Doodles does it, but I send Ann pupographic messages while I sleep – which is a lot these days.

Doodles sleeps a lot too. I’m 14 and let’s just say that she’s a bit of a cougar.

But doesn’t she inspire cool cards?

Some of you may have met her human Kay on our live streams or in our Master Stamper exclusive Facebook group.

Yes, while there are over 275 projects with video and written tutorials for Master Stamper members, we have an exclusive Facebook group where the members can share their own art.

They inspire us as much as we hope that we inspire them!

I’ll bet you can use a time saving group like Master Stamper. You can join Master Stamper in minutes here.

Parts of this card are from Stampin’ Up! Days gone by, but these items are available now for your own Halloween cards. There’s still time to get them!

And we’ve got over 100 Halloween card ideas here that we’ve shared over the years.

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Don’t you just love quick and easy Halloween cards?