Human, oh human! After yesterday’s fun at the vet’s, I’m ready to blow off some steam!

I now know how to totally embarrass Ann at the vet’s. That’s what she gets for taking me in to have a shot in my left shoulder AND my right butt cheek.

I love my friends at Northpointe Veterinary Hospital here in Yuba City, but I sure did put them through the paces yesterday. Hats off to my pal Christina who went above and beyond in more than one way. I hope she’ll speak to me the next time I show my tail in there.

She actually called me a Frequent Flyer because that’s where I like to stay when I need some spa time. !

I’m sure that Ann will tell you all about it today at 1pm Pawcific Time on Facebook or you can join us here on YouTube. You can register here to get a reminder by Facebook Messenger shortly before I arrive on the red carpet.

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It’s going to be a great day on our Live Stream!