Well, our DIY card is really not dead on arrival, but it’s stalled at this point. If you were on yesterday’s live stream, you might know why.

The fun starts at 1:52.

You see, my favorite huMAN got Ann up early today and had her take him to the hospital to get his ticker worked on.

So we’ve been a little distracted lately. My favorite huMAN is very important to both of us. He’s a very important part of our team. We want him to pull through.

Best case scenario is that he’s in and out like a Jack Russell Terrier. That’s the plan. It’s supposed to be an out patient surgery. We’ll see.

All our hopes and dreams are that he’s out in less than 2 hours so please keep your fingers crossed and your hands in the prayer position.

We got a little farther than this last night. I’m just not ready to show you yet.

Building Butterflies

What We Learned Since Yesterday

  • We used Brusho on Watercolor Paper.
  • You can see where we cut out the butterflies with the Framelit we were using.
  • We put the Adhesive Sheets under the Watercolor Paper before running them through the Big Shot.
  • The Adhesive Sheets were easier to remove than it looks like in the picture.
  • Alcohol doesn’t work as well as a fine mist of water on Watercolor Paper. We loved the Stampin’ Spritzers. They shoot an uber fine mist and are only $3 for two. You can add these to your supplies here.
  • It’s going to be awesome working with these butterflies.

Ann and I will be doing our best to take care of my favorite huMAN today. We appreciate all your prayers and good wishes. He takes good care of us and we want to do the same for him.

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It’s going to be an awesome handmade card!