You might have noticed that I’m not a kit dog, but yesterday I’ve discovered how valuable kits can be. Things like Paper Pumpkin and the Timeless Tidings Kit can really save you in a pinch.

We’ve been stamping and doing all the things that the holidays require. We’ve been blessed with Christmas cards from many of you, from relatives and friends.

Although I feel like we share our hearts with you when we share cards with you, is that enough? We wish we could send cards to everyone, but then I’d never be able to bark my posts!

So, here’s just some of what Ann accomplished in about an hour yesterday.

Christmas Cards

And here’s what she used. Just two things. It may be too late for this Christmas, but what an easy way to start early on next Christmas! Both of these are going away as soon as they sell out or January 2nd, whichever comes first.

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What a great idea for a handmade Christmas card idea!