Yesterday was a big day!  Ann and a few of her friends got together to sing some songs in the morning that she’d been practicing.  I’m pretty sure that everyone liked them.

And in the afternoon, everything changed.

I’ve been watching a LOT of TV with Ann and now know more about the Oroville Dam than I ever thought I needed to know.

Oroville Dam

photo by CWR – William Croyle

You see, we live about 25 miles South of the Oroville Dam.

The picture above was take Saturday.   That long pretty waterfall is 1,700 feet long.  It hasn’t been used since they built it 48 years ago.  And since then, that road underneath the Emergency Runoff has been washed away. And the ruffly water shown in the front of the picture is the

I understand that a hole was forming bigger and faster than they expected its base.

Oroville Dam Picture

CWR by Albert Madrid

That hole in the middle may or may not be the one.  They’re not saying.

Yes, we’re concerned about this, but we’re not worried.  And if you don’t want to know any more about this, you can see my gallery of over 1,700 Stampin’ Up! card ideas.

  • First, Ann packed my dog food.
  • Then their clothes and a bit of snacks for them.
  • We’re ready to go if the water system fails in any way.

Why didn’t we leave?

We don’t take this stuff lightly.  Ann and my favorite huMAN were evacuated in 1997 because the Oroville Dam was full and the Feather River was higher than it is today.   After being gone 3 days, they realized on their return that they lived one block inside the evacuation line!

AND they have since discovered that if the dam broke, it would take over 6 hours to get here.

So, they packed and waited, but by watching the press releases and credible news, we were all able to stay home – for now.

There are storms coming later this week, but we hope that they’ll have the hole fixed.

So please keep us in your prayers.

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Getting evacuated because of the Oroville Dam