Do you know that we’ve been so excited about other things that we’re working on behind the scenes that we forgot to share that March is this blog’s 10th anniversary?

And believe me when I bark that you’ll want to read this whole post….even if just to help you remember.

Here’s what this dog’s blog looked like in the early days when it was really a website made to look like a blog.  (Leave it to us to be a little bit different.)


The original blog post was March 10th, 2006, just before Ann & my favorite huMAN went on their first cruise.  It was a trip to Mexico and here was the first (grainy) picture.


It was taken with a live camera feed in San Diego.  They wondered why everyone disappeared.  It was because everyone else knew that they needed to get down to the training for the life boats!  (Don’t worry.  They got down there in time by the skin of their teeth.)

So, from March 2006 to August of 2009, Ann and I worked out the kinks and moved the blog over to Typepad.  Yes, Ann knew when I was very young that I was the right dog for a blog – even before Disney came up with the idea.  I really do write it and even Ann will tell you that without me, this wouldn’t be here.


We don’t have any pictures of the Typepad blog, but a few years back, Ann and I worked non-stop to transfer it over to what you see today.

You may remember when I got put in the dog house at the ripe old age of 20 months.  I can’t imagine why.


Yep.  That card tasted sweet!  And here is today’s card we made to celebrate.

Tenth Anniversary Card Idea

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Tenth Anniversary Card Idea

Card Making Supplies

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I can’t believe my blog is almost as old as I am!.