I designed a card last fall for Ann to share with her demonstrator friends at Founder's Circle.  They're thinking that next year they MIGHT let dogs go!  (hint, hint!)  We had to make 125 of them so Cindy, Donna, Doug, Cecil & Amy all helped Ann.  Well, yesterday, that style card was featured on TWO websites!  And my buddy Diana even gave me a shout out!

Ann did a simpler version for the 125 card swap so that her 5 helpers didn't go on strike.  She featured it in this post last September.  But Diana kicked it up a notch for a big event.  I'm just glad she knows my name & can spell it!

We were having a Full Moon & Solar Flares Day here yesterday.  It seemed like nothing worked exactly right!  But that's okay.  Today is a new day!  (Honestly, maybe the powers that try to be were mad at us for posting 8 Ways to Survive the Spring Time Change on my Facebook Page.  You can read it here.  So BE SURE TO SPRING YOUR CLOCKS AHEAD TONIGHT!

My blogoversary is on Monday.  Do you think I should celebrate early?  It's already 6!  And believe it or not, we've done 129 videos in the past 3 years.  They're not all on this site.  Some are on the Master Stamper & some are in our Video Gallery.  But they're ALL about stamping or giving away some free Stampin' Up! stamps!  Here's one of my favorites I like to play every year.  You just can't watch this & not pat your foot! 

It's 3 years old & we've upgraded our camera since, but it's still fun!


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