Do you have challenges trying to tie a bow or knot that lies flat?  Besides sharing how to make the Pop Through Thank You Card, in this video, Ann will also show you how to tie a knot that lies flat.

You may remember when I shared this card with you in this post.  But I’ll be happy to post a picture of it and list the supplies again to make it more convenient for you.

Thank You Card

Be sure to scroll down for our weekly list of unique days to give cards to your loved ones.

Card Making Supplies

And as we usually like to share on Sundays, here is a list of unique days to give cards to your friends and loved ones this week:

  • Tuesday is Sesame Street Day
  • Wednesday is Origami Day
  • Friday is World Kindness Day
  • Saturday is Operating Room Nurse Day & World Diabetes Day
  • Next Sunday is World Student Day & Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

I’m sure you’re not going to send a card for that last refrigerator one, but since we’re FINALLY getting our new fridge on Tuesday, I thought you might like to celebrate along with us by cleaning yours.

Thank you for letting us share our love of stamping with you.

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I hope you’re enjoying our stamping technique videos.