I hope you want to stamp today!  Maybe we can stamp together!

But before I bark about how you can do that, I figured that I would show you another one of Ann’s yellow cards that we did the other day.

Dijon Frame Card

Do you think we should’ve done a Delightful Dijon frame instead?

I should share that applying the frame was much easier using Stampin’ Up!’s new Fine Tip Glue.  The Liquid Glue would work if you’ve got a fine touch (and opposing thumbs).

Did you notice that there’s no greeting on the front of this card?  You know that there’s no law that says you have to have one, but you could probably take something from Teeny Tiny Wishes and get it in there.  (I just like it better without it.)

Dijon Frame Card

What’s your favorite color?  Our friend Barbara LOVES Delightful Dijon.  Ann?  Not so much.

Ann has been procrastinating about doing a live scope.  What’s that?  That’s where you can watch our live video on your phone or computer.

Yes, live!  Just as it happens.

Since today is @scopeday, I may be able to get Ann to do one for you.  To participate, you can look for the button just above our shopping button in the right hand column.

Just click on it when it is lit up and it will take you right to it or you can check us out on Periscope here.  The videos only stay up for 24 hours so it’s catch as catch can.

If you follow Ann on Twitter, you’ll get a tweet before we start.  (If she remembers to tweet it!)

Just click on any of the pictures below if you’d like more details or would like to rev up your shopping cart.  We’d love to send you a full sized handmade card for shopping with us today.  We’ll even add a free small gift when you use the current shopping code that’s listed in the upper right hand column.

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