Have you been planning your monthly purchases and wishing for enough to get some of those hostess rewards they show in the back of the catalog?

It’s easy to do when you’re part of our online shopping club we call our Stampin’ Pup Club.

Each month you get a set of exclusive instructions.  In fact, we’re just putting finishing touches on the instructions we’re sharing with our March members.


Each month for 6 months, you shop for at least $25 of your choice.  You can get more if you want.  We group the orders together and one person gets all the hostess benefits (stamping rewards).

And once every 6 months, it’s your turn to get those hostess benefits – just as if you had held a party.

But the cool thing about our Stampin’ Pup Club is that every 6 months, you get hostess benefits from everyone else in the group.

And a unique thing about ours is that you can keep the hostess benefits for yourself anytime you spend $150 or more on your own or with orders you’ve gathered from your friends.

You can find out more here just in time to get the set of instructions for the Butterfly Basics stamp set.

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