We're kicking off our mini series of quick Christmas gifts with the heartwarming story.

Our angel buddy Maria asked about a pocket calendar about a month ago.  Sure, we got her a little gift card for all the things that Maria does for us.  And of course, we made her a card.  But you should've seen her face light up when Ann asked her what her favorite colors were.

Purple and hot pink was the answer and this is what I had Ann make with Melon Mambo and Elegant Eggplant (that looks black in this picture).


This was taken before we put it inside the plastic cover.  Ann made a special trip to a store she rarely visits just to get the calendar for Maria.  They usually have a lot of them, but there was only ONE to be found this year!

Something handmade and personalized doesn't have to be expensive to mean something to someone.  It's about time Ann replaced her own checkbook cover too.  (Yes, she does write 3 or 4 checks a month just to stay in practice.)  And not evryone is married to their smart phone!

All those cards that are arriving with my name on them mean more that you will probably ever know.


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