What's Christmas Monday Madness?  Well, it's happening over on Facebook this afternoon!  I dug deep into Ann's secret hiding place & found a picture that she probably doesn't want shared publicly.  You'll want to see this one!  I won't post it here, but I'll put a caption contest over on my Facebook page this afternoon & see if we can pull this off without her noticing. 

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Today's card comes from one of our Canadian readers named Karen.  This is not the first card I've received from her but it's the first one I posted.  Both Ann & I have received some fantastic cards from my readers, her clients & our demonstrator friends.  I'll try to share as many as I can.  Some will be here, some on my Facebook page & some in the Gallery at the Master Stamper.

Even my girl Doodles sent me one, but my favorite huMAN put it up really high so I couldn't get it to take a picture.  There's only so much a dog can do!

Are you ready for Santa Claus today?  I've got my suit pressed & a new talking Santa hat that I just can't wait to show you!

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