Karen came back again yesterday to help Ann with the latest stamp room updates.  Ah, the joy of the tip tap of little hammers!  OK – the sound of ELECTRIC SCREWDRIVERS!

June2011Redo-2 Those girls are pretty adamant about the modeling contract so I had to catch Karen while she wasn't paying so much attention.  This is the 2nd piece of furniture that's going on the other side of the room. 

For a change, Ann's going to try stamping against a wall instead of a window.  They say it's easier on your eyes.  I don't know about that, but I do know that it may affect how many light fairies that Ann's watch releases around 3 or 4 in the afternoon.  It can get pretty animated around here – especially when she's getting ready for a class or club or workshop.

They would've been done with the furniture part yesterday, but IKEA thought that we didn't need those little walls that Karen's hiding between.  What WERE they thinking?  Good thing Karen lives closer to the store than we do so she could get it all straightened out.

June2011Redo-3 Ann had an important job to do when Karen bolted that butcher block top down.  She was supposed to be making sure that nothing moved!  I think that she just wanted a nap!

Either that or check out her semi-new sandals & pedicure.  In any case, don't do this like she did if you get this furniture from IKEA.  it was hard getting the black off the table from her shoes,  SCUFF MARKS!  I'm not trained in that type of removal, but the little white eraser that comes with the Stampin' Up! Pastels worked wonders!

So in yesterday's post, I shared a cupcake card with you that featured the Simple Birthday Thanks stamp got left off the Last Chance List .  Today, I have a little ceremony!

Doodles has been hard at work designing cards for her human to make for a cupcake store here in California.  Aren't these fabulous?  They're almost all Stampin' Up! stamps, ink & paper.


click to see me good! So for all her work, I'm giving her my first ever award in honor of not only her artistic talents, not only for her agility work, but for the magnificent mastery of her human.  Human, oh human, that can be challenging at best some times!  I KNOW!

It's a grrrrreat time to be the blog dog of a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator.

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