Doodles & I go way back….at least a year or so.  She’s a real pistol.  She loves to tell her human how to stamp just like I tell Ann how to.  Doodles sent me this card recently with a post script to Ann to thank her for walking across the stage to pick up my award for my hard work.  Didn’t they do a nice job?

Doodles' Star Card

So, I’m sure that many of you are wondering what it takes to qualify to be my girlfriend.  I’M A DOG, PEOPLE!  She’s just got to be fast & fabulous…just like I like my cards.  Here’s a picture of her at her latest trials.  She’s earned a perfect score TEN TIMES doing this stuff!  She can tell you about it, but I’ll just say she jumped  into my heart like she jumped through that obstacle in the picture below.

Stinker Doodle Bug 

I’m suggesting that the camera guy work a little faster next time so we can get a real close up!

Chow Baby!