I hear that phrase sure does get those demonstrators whipped up into a frenzy at Stampin' Up! events like Convention & Leadership!  You'd swear they were all on the Oprah Show & she was handing them all out car keys! 

So before you push the button to play this short video taken at the Round Table Pizza in Fair Oaks, CA, let's say a little thank you to Thomas Edison because today would've been his 164th birthday.  Gotta be amazed by this guy who had just 3 months of formal schooling & went on to become a well known inventor, starting 14 businesses (including General Electric) & held over 1,000 patents!

Betcha didn't think a dog would know that!  It's enough to make you BOL!  (Bark Out Loud)

So push the PLAY button & let's see if Ann calls out YOUR name or if you're one of the names next to the winner.  (RSS Readers, click here to watch)


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