It is so easy to win free stamps on the Barking Board!  We’ve given away almost $4,000 & we’ve even got the videos to prove it!

Here’s how to win a $100 gift certificate from us!

(Drawings average about every other month – sometimes faster)

It’s just this easy…

Win a $100 stampin' gift certificate!You get an entry for every $50 that you spend.

When the board is full, Ann draws a letter from the top of the board & a word from the side of the board.  If your name is in the appropriate square, then you win a $100 stampin’ gift certificate!

PLUS you get a handmade card when you shop online here.

Or send Ann an email with your info if you’d rather.

We have given away almost $4,000 in stampin’ gift certificates since we started this program.  There’s no reason why YOU can’t win too!

We always shoot a video of the drawing so that you can see it whether you’re there or not.  Many times I direct it, but here’s one Ann did years ago on her own.  Trust me!  They’re better when I’m involved!