Ann Clemmer, guest blogger, here.

Many appologies for not showing up on time!  We’ve got no internet in our room and no real place to blog anywhere!

Not to worry! I think we’ve got it fixed now.

I’ll check in from time to time with some pictures & info.

Day 1:
We flew from Sacramento to Salt Lake City.  Got there 2 hours early because there was a mix-up on how my husband’s name was on his ticket vs. his passport.

Somehow “Stamper’s favorite huMAN” didn’t seem to work.

We sat at the gate in Salt Lake City for an HOUR!  With NO AIR CONDITIONING!

We were concerned we’d miss our connection in Atlanta to Barcelona, but with about 20 Stampin’ Up! executives, board members and employees, we were told they’d probably hold the plane.

They didn’t need to.  We made it.

We arrived in Barcelona and set off from the hotel with some old and some new Stampin’ Up! friends.

We went to the roof of a local church to see all of beautiful Barcelona.  Here’s one of the inside.


We went to their famous market.  It was like Pike Place Market on steroids!  All compact and colorful!

Didn’t take a lot of pictures yet, but we’ll be back for a day at the end of the trip to knock your socks off!

I HAVE posted a few on the dog’s Facebook page.

More later as the saga continues.

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Thank you for letting us share the love of stamping with you.

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Hope you’re enjoying our guest blogger!