Our guest blogger, Ann is back with more news from the Med:

Made it to the ship.  First stop was the Hospitality Room.  They always have a fun way for us to win a prize and today’s was a Rich Razzleberry Ombre pad that’s new in the new catalog.  Do you have your catalog yet?  What do you think?

A big thank you to those of you who have been shopping in our online store and participating in the special we shared with you in our newsletter.  Not on the list yet?  Get A-listed here.

Somehow, it started pouring before we left the dock so the welcome party was moved inside.

I’ve always wanted to take Cecil to a Brazilian restaurant where they bring rounds and rounds of meat.  Well, we did it!

And there were several times during the evening that his eyes just rolled back in his head.

Double boned lamb chops!  Bacon wrapped filet minion!  Leg of Lamb and flank steak.  11 different types of meat preceded by a gourmet salad bar and some wonderful side dishes.

We were warned by our waitress to use the sides to “cleanse the palate” between meats.

The water is a bit rougher than the Caribbean cruises, but it’s not horrible.  Didn’t plan for it and had to pay 12 Euro (about $14) for ONE box of Bonine.

Just plays into my theory that things are either fast or convenient.  Guess it’s true all over the world!

Came back to the room with a little cap for me in the most unique hatbox!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a couple of swaps we got.  Remember….those of you ordering will be getting an exclusive view and commentary on about 25 swaps we got on the ship!

Be sure to use the code YAER9V6C when you shop for an extra perk!

Thank you for letting us share the love of stamping with you.

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Hope you’re enjoying our guest blogger!