Don’t say I didn’t warn you. The Stampin’ Up! Trimmer Blades are going to be available at 10am Mountain Time today.

Does anyone want to bet how long it will be before they sell out?

I’m thinking two hours tops. That’s how long it took last time when there was no announcement that they were coming in.

13,000 Sold Out in 12 Minutes!

So, this link should work when they make them active. That is, unless someone gets the bright idea to change the number.

Stampin' Up! Shopping Code

We’re even giving you a new shopping code to shop with! Copy this! JC3WHFCE

What Time Do the Trimmer Blades Go on Sale?

  • 6am – Hawaii
  • 8am – most of Alaska
  • 9am – Pawcific Time and in Arizona
  • 10am – Mountain Time (AKA Stampin’ Up! Time
  • 11am – Central Time
  • Noon – Eastern Time
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How long do you think they trimmer blades will be available?