Stamper Dog's Fortune Cookie You'll definitely want to read all of today's post.  First, Ann & Cecil went to one of their favorite restaurants last night – Mongolian BBQ.  It wasn't too hot so they served me dinner in the car while they went inside.  Cecil got a bonus fortune cookie with TWO fortunes in it!  

As soon as he got it, he knew it was for me, his favorite dog.  It's a little small for me to read.  Could you click on it & tell me what it says?  I'm sure it's something with some very good luck.

I'm chasing the mailman today – right after we get these into envelopes.  They're reusable cards for all my friends that bought online in April.  Just shop with Ann & look in your mailbox for the card you can keep or send to your friends.

Order online & get a handmade card And these are extra special because they're inspired by a card by Stampin' Up! CEO & Co-Founder Shelli Gardner.  Just wait until you see the card we've got tomorrow from the Summer Mini!.  It is hot, hot, hot!

But that's not all!  Are you looking forward to the new catalog?  I know I am.  Ann is too.  Some of you are already getting yours free.  Stamp club members are.  Hostesses are.  Ann's frequent buyers are.  But I want to be sure that you do too.  

You can get one free as soon as Ann gets them July 1st with any $100+ order placed now.  You know you want one!  Shop online & get next month's handmade card in your mailbox for any online order or free when your order is $100+!  We're pre-ordering them soon so be sure to get counted.  You can order by email, by calling Ann at 530-674-5090 or order online.  (PLUS you'll get your chances on the Barking Board!)

Human, oh human, my lips are going to be sore July 1st from sealing those envelopes!  But it will be worth it so that you can have some good summer reading & inspiration with your new 2010-2011 Stampin' Up! Catalog!

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