Have you ever tried our Sweet Treats? They’re a great way to hold things in your hand and use them to see what you’d like to get more of.

Stampin' Up! Holiday Catalog
Stampin’ Up! Holiday Catalog

And this Stampin’ Up! Holiday Mini (AKA Stampin’ Up! September to December Mini) is fabulous! I’ve heard nothing but good things about this mini catalog. Humans just love it!

Do you have yours yet? We sent them out to our active clients and the latest one we’ve heard from was just a couple days ago. And you can watch the sneak peek of all the Sweet treat items and more here on YouTube.

But if you would like one, why not drop Ann a line at ann@stamperdog.com so she can make it happen for you.

Sweet Treats Product Shares

Try Before You Buy

So this is how Sweet Treats work. Just click the reservations link at the bottom and reserve now before we sell out.

  • We’ll share today what’s included in the packages. We have two you can pick from and both include our exclusive paper holders to help you keep your papers organized.
  • We only offer these for a brief period of time. Reserve now because reservations can close at any time.
  • Invoices will be sent on or shortly after August 30th.
  • Ann will order on September 6th and will ship not later than September 20th, but should be sooner.
    • We ship in the order payment is received.

We do our best to get everything to you as quickly as possible and we appreciate those of you who keep coming back. Because once you try it, you get first opportunity to lock yours in next time.

21 Holiday Product Share

Here’s What’s Included

You know, if you bought full sized packages of all these items, it would cost $335.50 plus shipping and tax.

  • “Just the Paper” Package includes everything in the first section that says Paper & Card Bases (85 pieces).
  • The “I Want it All” Package includes the 85 pieces of paper and everything listed below (209 pieces).

You can click on the list below to see a larger easy to read version.

Get Your Holiday Sweet Treats Package Today

The “Just the Paper” Package has 85 pieces for just $24 plus Priority Postage

The “I Want It All” Package has all the paper pieces and everything else on the list for just $47 plus Padded Prioirty Postage.

Or if you’re in a shopping mood today for current products, just use the button below to pick up the latest shopping code.

Join Us!

We’ll reveal our winners and share some fun tidbits. And, of course, make a card.

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