This has been quite the week! Ann was gone less than 24 hours to visit our friend Susan in Austin, Texas! She was only there about 14 hours and that included sleeping for less than 4 hours.

Talk about a whirlwind! and it was hot, hot, hot, just like it is here in Yuba City, California! (Only Austin’s had really hot weather over 40 days!)

Have you ever….?

Have you ever done anything crazy like that? It’s not the first time for her and it probably won’t be the last.

We had a little guessing game before she left. There were so many right answers that I’m sure that she must’ve spilled the beans at some point so we’re going to spin the wheel to announce a few winners.

Did you guess right?

So we’re going to share some of the fun and make a card together on our next live stream on Tuesday, August 22nd @ 2pm Pawcific Time.

You’ll want to be there as she shares some of her fun adventure to visit Susan and Dave in Austin. Maybe she’ll come visit you next time!

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Sweet Treats Tomorrow

You should check your inbox if you’ve purchased our product shares that we call Sweet Treats before. Ann wore her little brain out doing math on the plane and got it all ready to share. The first ones to get it are the previous Sweet Treaters.

And while her intention was to share it here with you today, she’s at a ladies only conference this weekend called “She Matters”. She told me the Friday night session with Tara Armstrong was awesome! She can’t wait to go back on Saturday!

And she can’t wait to hang out with you as well! But I think she needs a bit of shut eye before her fingers start typing different letters than what I’m barking.

But, of course, the store is still open! We just started a new host code yesterday.

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