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If you have purchased Sweet Treats from us before, this form will not add you to the list. You need to use the link in the email sent to you on 6/19/22Please email or call Ann if you cannot find that email.

Here’s How It Works

Once you reserve your your package using the form below,

  1. Be sure to email me right away if you would like to upgrade to Priority shipping.
  2. I will send you a PayPal invoice on or shortly after June 24th. (Contact me NOW if you need a PayPal alternative.)
    1. If you are seeing this after June 24th, you will receive your link to payment shortly after sign up.
  3. I will order at the earliest opportunity on July 1st based on paid reservations.
  4. We will ship as soon as possible.

Please know that Sweet Treats are shipped to you in the order they are paid, not in the order requested. Quick payment ensures quickest shipment.


Please register here and we'll invoice you when we're ready to order.

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