It was a rude awakening when Ann and my favorite huMAN cleared out her stamp closet. About 70% of our stamps were on the retiring stamps list.

It’s okay to say goodbye. We have to make room for new stamps and stuff. But it can be a bit sad when we haven’t used them as much as we would’ve liked.

Like the Blessings of Home bundle. Look at this card we did back in January 2022. We even did a live stream video.

Textured Whitewash Card
Textured Whitewash Card

The bundle was originally over $50, but if you buy them separately today, they’re less than $23! So DON’T order the bundle. Get them separately and save!


I don’t know why but that’s how it is with all the retiring stamps bundles. So be sure to check out the separate pricing. We want you to get the best deal possible.

And the Gingham Embossing Folder that she used is just $3 while supplies last!

The bird we used isn’t around anymore but the Perched in a Tree stamp set has a nice fluffy bird that would look great. Or you can check out our original post here and see the entire list of supplies we used.

While We’re Talking About Retiring Stamps

Be sure that you check your orders when they come. Stampin’ Up! is pretty good about getting orders out quickly and correctly. Right now, there’s a delay, but they’re working through that.

While they’re getting caught up, there are people coming down from the office jobs and helping out during lunches and breaks. You’d think this would be an easy job to do, but it’s not.

Ann’s worked on the Stampin’ Up! pick line. Once for 10 minutes when they did tours of the building during the first Stampin’ Up! convention after the building was built.

The second time was for about a half an hour when she was on the Stampin’ Up! Advisory Board. She told me she’d be so much thinner if she did that for a job.

If there is something missing or damaged from your order and they’ve sold out, they can’t fix it. They’d like to, but they can’t. So check your order as soon as you get it and make a card!

We want you to be happy!

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