Have you stamped anything this week? Ann made an island birthday card this weekend. Unfortunately, her son-in-law won’t get the card in time because his birthday was Tuesday.

He went to Hawaii for the first time with Ann’s human daughter this year. So we thought that he would appreciate something to remind him of those pretty Hawaiian beaches and that lovely weather.

Island Birthday Card
Island Birthday Card

How do you like it? Would it bring you back to thoughts of that beautiful weather? If it does, that’s pretty amazing because there’s no blue and there’s no sand color!

But we don’t have to because we’re card makers!

And that’s what we’ll be doing on Thursday, August 18th. We’ll be making a card together and playing some games at our Stamp & Play Day. Last time we gave away over $160 of products. And the more people who stamp with us, the more we give away!

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Back to the card – I’m sure the son-in-law will like the card – especially if there’s some green in there. We can always give him a link to one of our other more than 600 birthday card ideas we’ve shared.

Island Birthday Card
Island Birthday Card

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