How would you like to open your mailbox to find one of these in there?

ThankYouCardI’ve got to tell you that it looks even better in real time.

Did you know that each month, we send our online clients a handmade card that my gal pal Doodles and I designed?  Doodles and I do some serious barking on this one to come to a meeting of the minds.

It’s made with one of my new favorite color combos.

And if you look inside, you’ll see that it has something special inside.

Thank You card

Use our latest posted code (which is currently X92Y72GU) we’ll include a special little gift in with your card.  (if it’s changed by the time you see this, we always post it on the top right column of my blog or at

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Wouldn’t you like to have one of these in your mailbox?