Do you love to have things organized?  Are you short on time to make birthday cards for all your friends?

Well, we’ve got an idea for you!  Ann and I tested it out last night and we loved it!  She’d had her eye on the Perennial birthday stamp set and the box set for a while now.

And she finally got it!

You’ll find it on page 16 of the Stampin’ Up! Occasions Catalog.  It comes with a box and decorated calendar index cards so that you can keep track of the birthdays of your special friends.

Here’s what they look like!

Birthday Card Ideas

See the box in the back on the left?  It’s so sturdy and even decorated on the inside!

And the card that I thought we’d like the best wasn’t the card we liked the best when we made them.

They’re all good!

Stamps Showcase

This would make a great gift!

  • Buy the stamp set and the box.
  • Make the cards and give them in the box.
  • Keep the stamp set and make more cards!

You only need a few things to complete the projects if you’d like to follow the instructions:

Now here are two things that you can learn from this picture:


Notice how Ann stamped the greetings towards the bottom of the grid pad?  She pretty much always does that before stamping a greeting so that she can be sure of how it’s mounted.

Yes, even with clear mount stamps!

With a wood stamp, she’ll line up the edge of the wood block with one of the lines on the grid paper and then adjust her stamping if it’s mounted a little off.

Not that that ever happens around here!


See how there are a bunch of random stamps off to the right?  That’s because she tries to stamp some of the ink off onto the paper before she rubs it on her Stamp Cleaner pad.  That saves us from having to clean the pads as much.

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