As I was finishing up supervising Ann mount her wooden stamps, I noticed what a tight fit the Beautiful Banners stamp set was for its plastic box.

And that’s a good thing.


  • Because you’re getting lots of stamps for your money!
  • You’re maximizing space and getting the most in your stamp box!

So before we put the stamps away, I thought it best if we took a picture of how the stamps fit – just in case you drop yours on the floor or have them all out at the same time.

How Beautiful Banners Fits

How Beautiful Banners Fits

What stamp set do you find a challenging fit?  Thankfully, these tight squeezes don’t happen a lot.  Just leave the name in the comments below and we’ll try to feature it soon.

You might remember when we shared this card made with the Beautiful Banners set last Friday.  You can check out the supply list here.

Beautiful Banners CardYou can see that it’s a pretty cool set whether you want to put banners on your card or banners on your wall for a special occasion.

Now those of you who prefer Clear Mount or Unmounted Stamps don’t have this challenge, but I hope that my fellow Wood Stamp Lovers will find it useful.  In fact, we have a collection of examples of how wood mount stamps fit in their boxes here.

We’ve only got a few so far, but you’ve got to start somewhere, right?

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What stamp set do you have a hard time fitting back in the box?