What’s your stamp area look like?  Is it always clean?  Always messy?

Do you have a stamp room?  Or do you stamp at a little corner of your dining room table?


I’m almost positive you don’t have a tripod and lights over your stamp area for videos, but here’s a look at where I work with Ann.

Ann is working with Stampin’ Up! and has a homework assignment that we need your help with.  They don’t want to see MY stamp table.  They want to see YOURS!

Thank you to Doodles, Kay & Cindy for getting their pictures to us already.  These pictures are

So since you have an extra hour today, perhaps you can send us a picture so we can help Ann with this homework assignment that’s DUE TONIGHT.  Here’s what we need:

  • DON’T clean up your area.  Just take a picture of it.
  • Your picture will not be shown to the public.
  • Your name will not be shown with the picture.
  • You can take a real picture or take it with your phone
  • Send it to ann@stamperdog.com or text it to (530) 632-5090

See how easy that is?  I’m thinking that they might use your picture to come up with some ultra cool thing to help organize your craft area.  Wouldn’t it feel cool to know that you helped with that on the ground floor?  Of course, I could be wrong.  Maybe they just want to know what you’re up to.

I’ll be sitting by the computer and phone today because I can’t wait to see what you send.  Don’t include your dog.  I’m just in this picture because I know how handsome you think I am.  (And they’re not interested in MY table.  They want YOURS!)

To keep with our new tradition of sharing what fun card giving dates are coming up this week, here’s what we’ve got:

  • TOMORROW:  Housewife’s Day & Traffic Director’s Day (give them a thank you)
  • TUESDAY is Use Your Common Sense Day so be sure to GET OUT & VOTE!
  • WEDNESDAY is Guy Fawkes Day or Fireworks Day for our British Friends
  • THURSDAY is Men Make Dinner Day (I’m just barkin’ here!) & Saxophone Day
  • SATURDAY is X-Ray Day – Know an X-Ray technician?  It’s the anniversary of when it was discovered in 1895

I’d love to be your Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator, but I’d rather you have Ann help you!

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