Isn’t it nice to get something in your email inbox or your snail mail mailbox?

We like to get it too!  Ann reads them to me and they’re part of what makes me keep doing what I do for you humans.

Some of you send cards.  Linda and Kay like to send presents.  But this time we got a special shout out yesterday from Jacqui in Australia.

She saw this video and then shared what she did for SIXTY children!  and she blamed it all on me!  So I’m playing it again so that you can learn how if you haven’t seen it before or remind you if you did see it when we first shared it.



She wrote about how much the video helped her.  (Good!  That’s what we want!)  She couldn’t use candy canes, so she used pencils – and this is what they looked like.

Jacqui's Santa Pencils

Jacqui’s Santa Pencils


How cool is that!  So thank you, Jacqui!

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