Is there a stamp set or kit that you wished you had but it’s not available? Join us on our Used Stamps Kit and Crafts Sale today.

You’ll never know what you’ll get, but I do know what you’ll see. But I do know what you’ll find! You’ll meet a bunch of nice people…..and Ann…..and that little black and white shaggy dog, Domino.

It’s not a bidding war. Ann shows an item. She decides on a price. Then you just need to be the first one to claim the item and it’s yours!

Stamps Kits and Crafts Sale
Stamps Kits and Crafts Sale @ 5pm

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Used Stamps Kits and Crafts Sale Times

  • 3pm in Hawaii
  • 4pm in most of Alaska
  • 5pm Pawcific Time
  • 6pm Mountain Time
  • 7pm Central Time
  • 8pm Eastern Time
  • 9pm in Puerto Rico

Grab Your Spot @ Our Next Event!

Ann was talking to one of our online viewers yesterday who is a regular at our Stamp & Play Day. It sure was nice to have her tell us how fun it is. She doesn’t come for the big winnings, but for the friends she’s made over the months that we’ve been doing it.

The project is fun. The people are great. The more that attend, the bigger the prizes. Sign up here today while we’re still in Early Bird pricing.

And it will be even more fun with you there!

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