On yesterday’s live stream, Ann shared a sneak peek at some stamps that will be available in our 2022 mini catalog.

We need two birthday cards for two birthdays between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Of course, we’re going to make the cards. But I was surprised (and pleased) that she pulled out a brand new stamp set. The Best Delivery set won’t be available until January 4, 2022.

Well, you can get it now if you want to join our team and include it in your Starter kit. But if you wait until January 4th, you can add 2 extra stamp sets to the $125 of other items in your Starter Kit.

WOW! That adds up! And it’s all just $99 plus tax. And free shipping!

So, here are the two cards we made.

Sneak Peek Birthday Cards
Sneak Peek Birthday Cards

Aren’t they bright and perky! Great cards for after Christmas when the winter can be a bit dark, wet and cold.

You can watch the live stream replay here or scroll down for a closer look at these fun cards.

I think I like this layout the best. One of the viewers suggested the Stitched Rectangle Dies and we ran with it.

Sneak Peek Birthday Card
Sneak Peek Birthday Card

But I like the Red Rhinestones in this second card. But you’ll have to look closely!

Sneak Peek Birthday Card
Sneak Peek Birthday Card

Here are two more sneak peek secrets:

  • Our Apprentice, Domino, had to buy Ann some new pajamas for Christmas. His little puppy teeth made quite the impression on her favorite pair.
  • I, on the other paw, made sure she could get a new laptop. She wore out the keys on her last one so it was the least I could do.

Now you know why we have some typos from time to time. I hope the new laptop will cure that. Of course, it’s a bit smaller than the last one, so she’ll probably blame typos on that.

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