When’s the last time that you reinked your Stampin’ Up! ink pads?  Never?  So long ago, you can’t remember?

As I shared with our news readers this morning, the price of the Stampin’ Up! ink refills is going up in just 2 weeks by 50 cents each!  Might not sound like much, but it can add up to be just like free shipping!

If you’ve never reinked your pad, here’s a quick video on how to do it.  Please note that my pad was VERY dry.  This is NOT our Black Archival Pad which is linen.  This was an almost dry FOAM pad.  You shouldn’t let them get this dry.

Going over the pad once or twice should be enough to fill it.  You don’t want to make it TOO mushy!

Remember when the foam pads first came out?  Ann was so happy!  Because her favorite stamp pad before she joined Stampin’ Up!  was a foam pad.

Everyone comments how juicy they are and easy to put the ink to the paper!  But that also means that you’ll use more ink – and that’s a good thing!

So you just want to tap, tap, tap with your picky up and then PRESS onto the paper.  If you’re finding that you’re picking up ink on your block, you’re probably doing it the other way around.

Now, if that little technique we were working on intrigued you, you can check out Master Stamper here.  Try it out!  We’ve added an exclusive Facebook group to make it easier for everyone to share (including Ann).

If you’re in the shopping mood, remember to use our current shopping code JXGVCQJT when you’re visiting our online store so that we can include a surprise sampling of one of the current Stampin’ Up! accessories in the reusable card that we send all our online shoppers. Don’t use the code if your order is $150+ so you can enjoy Stampin’ Rewards. We’ll still send you the gift and reusable card.

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So now you know how to reink your foam stamp pads!